Monday, March 11, 2013

Australian Stingless Bees


Can I pollinate crops with Australian stingless bees?

Stingless bees can be excellent pollinators of certain crops in Australia. They are particularly useful for macadamias, mangoes and watermelons, and for crops grown inside greenhouses. Some breeders can supply hives of stingless bees for crop pollination. For more details, read our article: Crop Pollination with Native Bees.

Are there any workshops on stingless beekeeping?

Dr Tim Heard runs popular workshops on stingless beekeeping in the Brisbane area. For details of these workshops and other seminars on native bees visit our page: Native Bee Seminars and Special Events.

Where can I learn more about Australian stingless bees?

Aussie Bee has written a set of ten detailed booklets on native stingless bees - their nests, behaviour, species, tips on stingless beekeeping and a detailed guide to boxing and splitting hives.

We also stock John Klumpp's excellent book, 'Australian Stingless Bees' which presents a wide range of other information about our stingless native bees.

Back issues of Aussie Bee's popular magazine, 'Aussie Bee Bulletin' are also available. Aussie Bee Bulletin is like a complete encyclopedia of practical information about native bees.

To purchase your copies of these publications, visit the Aussie Bee Shop.

Where can I read free articles about stingless bees?

Aussie Bee also regularly adds great free articles about native stingless bees to the Aussie Bee Online section of this website. Topics have included fighting swarms, nest structures, stingless bee breeding and protecting hives against small hive beetles. The articles cover the latest research findings from the scientists and great ideas contributed by stingless bee keepers.

Look through the index of all our free native bee articles on this page: Aussie Bee Online Articles.
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How can I stay up to date with stingless bee news?

To find out all about the latest new articles, publications, photos, videos, workshops, seminars and other news about stingless native bees, subscribe to Aussie Bee Email Updates. These free updates are sent out about three times a year. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Aussie Bee Website also has a Facebook page where we announce news about stingless bees. We are currently adding fascinating galleries of photos from our intrepid native bee safaris to our Facebook page. Share the adventure as Aussie Bee visited remote areas of Cape York, The Kimberley, Arnhem Land and Central Australia in search of long lost species of Australian stingless bees!

There is also an active chat group on Yahoo! about Australian native bees. Join in the discussion about stingless bees and other types of native bees in Australia.

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